The Castello Maniace is located on the seafront in Syracuse and is one of the most important monuments of the Swabian period and Frederick origin. The castle was built in 1232 - 1239 on the existing structures of the early 1000. The castle over the centuries has been repeatedly rebuilt and restored. The current name is due to the Byzantine commander Giorgio Maniace, whose descendants of Constantinople reconquered the city of Syracuse. The royal family Maniace decided to build a fortress in 1038 and, according to tradition, it was called "Tower Maniace". Today the castle is a symbol of territorial and historical possessions of Sicily and in particular of Syracuse. Thanks to the restoration and consolidation works, in 2015 the Castle was enriched with an Antiquarium. The antiquarian preserved Greek and Roman remains and objects found in the area. In addition, two rooms are devoted to the history of the Castle and Syracuse with ancient maps, architectural artifacts and pottery and ceramics from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century found in the excavations of the castle.

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