The Brandi Villa

The Villa Brandi is Vignano in the Siena province. The construction of the villa, probably on Baldassare Peruzzi, dates back to the sixteenth century as evidenced by the stucco decorations in the first floor hall. In the mid-eighteenth century the complex became the property of Brandi family who, in 1767, erected in front of the main building, a small chapel with a dedicatory inscription to the Virgin. The building preserves the original appearance of the Sienese master dwelling extraurbana: spread over three levels and is formed by a single body with a square plan with a sloping walls and a corner loggia with three arches. The structure of the garden dates back to an intervention of the early twentieth century. Cesare Brandi (1906-1988), art critic and historian, founder Giulio Carlo Argan Central Institute of Restoration, was the last owner of the villa. Cesare Brandi stayed in various Italian cities and abroad, while continuing to attend family house set in the countryside around Siena as his favorite retreat and as a permanent home in recent years. Here he died in 1988, leaving the complex as a legacy to the Italian State. The interiors are decorated with furnishings, artwork and furniture from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, as well as paintings and sculptures by modern masters. The collection of Cesare Brandi includes many works give Him the artists with whom he was bound by an intellectual relationship and deep friendship and represents a sort of compendium of Italian figurative art of the twentieth century, in which the most significant names of the period appear: De Pisis, Morandi, Manzù, Guttuso, Mastroianni, Scajola, Butters and many others. In addition to the villa and works of art, Brandi legacy includes a rich library, a manuscript collection of over thirteen thousand letters and a photo book of approximately seven images. Since fund dedicated to family photos, the artists, the writers were exposed in the "wine cellar" over seventy shots illustrating the interests and passions of Cesare Brandi for art, literature, restoration, music, travel.

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Strada di Busseto, 42
53100 Siena


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