Palazzetto Baviera

Palazzetto Baviera

The Palazzetto Baviera overlooks Piazza del Duca and was built by the will of Giovanni Giacomo Baviera, maternal uncle and lieutenant of Giovanni della Rovere, at the same time as the Rocca, perhaps on a project by Baccio Pontelli, as suggested by the harmonious proportion of the small courtyard. Giovanni Baviera arrived in Senigallia at the end of 1474 to take possession of the state on behalf of Giovanni della Rovere. The Baviera family immediately assumed a leading role in the Senigallian nobility. The building became the property of the family in 1512 and remained so until 1956, when the Baviera family donated it together with the furnishings to the municipality of Senigallia.

Built and then adapted between the end of the fifteenth century and the first decade of the sixteenth century, the Palazzetto Baviera reproduces, in the small cloister and in the sober and elegant atmosphere, the motifs and proportions of the cloister of the Convent of Grace. In fact, it is possible to admire an elegant colonnade that supports the portico and in the center a well decorated on all sides with the coats of arms of the Bavarian house.

But it is certainly on the upper floor that one of the most beautiful treasures of the city of Senigallia is revealed. A staircase leads to the main floor where you can admire the ceilings entirely decorated with stucco by Federico Brandani from Urbino (around 1525 - 1575). Brandani, in charge of the work by Giuseppe Baviera, spent many years of his life in its realization and in the end he consigned to history a jewel of art. In the work the representations of bloody battles, biblical stories, heroic deeds and historical facts alternate without ever losing the harmony of the whole. The ceilings of the five rooms (of Imperial Rome, of Republican Rome, of the Iliad, of Hercules, of the Old Testament) are undoubtedly the maximum expression of the work of Federico Brandani.


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Via Fratelli Bandiera, 11
60019 Senigallia


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