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On November 9th 2019 the exhibition "ARTE E SUONO, interactive and sound works from electronics to robotics", curated by Monica Bonollo and Simona Zava, will be held at the Rocca Roveresca in Senigallia. The exhibition proposes a particular and innovative path, which develops through sound and interactive works by the artists Peter Vogel, Ale Guzzetti and Fausto Balbo.

The exhibition is promoted by the Municipality of Senigallia, in collaboration with the Museums of Marche, the Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Information and Photography of Senigallia, Valmore Studio d'Arte and the Association Carlo Emanuele Bugatti Friends of the Musinf .

Set up in the majestic rooms of the Rocca Roveresca, the exhibition offers a selection of works of exemplary importance by three artists representing three different generations: Peter Vogel, Ale Guzzetti and Fausto Balbo.

Peter Vogel (Freiburg, 1937-2017) was one of the major pioneers of electronic and sound art. Since the seventies he has been creating interactive works of art, which react in the presence of the spectator. Movements, sounds and lights dialogue with the observer but also between the observer and himself. Ale Guzzetti (Tradate, Varese, 1953) is among the first Italian artists dedicated to technological and interactive art, which he has been working on since 1983; its early years are his first sound sculptures, in a continuum of increasingly technically sophisticated works, up to robotics. Ale Guzzetti's works touch on important themes, his robots offer the visitor, in addition to the fascination of discovery, the pleasure of meeting a friend who comes from another universe. Fausto Balbo (Ceva, Cuneo, 1970) cultivates the passion for the transformation of musical instruments, creates sound sculptures that rediscover and highlight all that remains hidden in the objects of everyday life; works where kinetics and cymatics dialogue with each other.

The exhibition offers an innovative contamination between robotics and art, making use of sophisticated and new languages, involving the public in becoming an active part of the works themselves.

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Piazza del Duca, 2
60019 Senigallia

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