The Selinunte Archaeological Park is located near the ancient city of Greek origin. Today is the largest archaeological park in Europe. The park consists of: a hill with the shrine of Malophoros, the acropolo with temples and fortifications, the ancient hill town Manuzza, the eastern hill with other temples and cemeteries. The Acropolis is home to the temples from A to D of the Doric order, the oldest of Greek architecture. Each temple is dedicated to a different god or a goddess/a. Around the Temples C and D are the ruins of the Byzantine village of the fifth century d.C Manuzza .. On the hill were found the remains of stone buildings, is thought to be one of the fifth century B.C. public building .. The eastern hill is home to the temples E and F respectively dedicated to Hera and Athena and Dionysus. The temple It is the most characteristic of all the archaeological park, as reconstructed by anastylosis. The construction for anastylosis is through recomposition and reinnalzamneto of collapsed columns. Finally, the G Temple, considered the greatest of Selinunte, is dedicated to Zeus. Of great historical interest is certainly Malophoros sanctuary dedicated to the cult of Demeter. The sanctuary was used for liturgical and religious celebrations, often related to the death; It bears witness to the proximity to the Necropolis. The remains found in the excavations are now preserved in the various Sicilian archaeological museums.

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