The Priamàr Palace is located in the center of Savona near the port and huge medieval fortress overlooking the city. This position was already exploited in antiquity during the Bronze Age and Iron Age through the Greek and Roman. The current fort was built between 1542 and 1544 as a strategic location and defense of the city. The name derives, according to some scholars, from "ere to 'ma" ie stone sea from the Ligurian language. Today the building is a citadel dedicated to art and culture. Inside the Palace houses various collections: archeology, paintings and modern sculpture and contemporary and a place of workshops, artistic performances, exhibitions and an outdoor theater. In particular, the Palace of Officers hosts the Archaeological Museum and the "Sandro Pertini and the Museum Renata Cuneo"; Commissarioè the building used as a place of exhibitions, workshops and artistic performances as well as the scenic surroundings of Cellette. The Sybil's Palace, equipped with cutting-edge technology, has become a major international conference center. In Piazzale del Maschio it is served every summer an outdoor theater with over 600 numbered seats, for a rich billboard of events.

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Corso Giuseppe Mazzini
17100 Savona

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