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On the occasion of the day dedicated to San Rocco, protector against the plague, a guided tour is proposed to discover herbs with antiseptic and antibacterial properties and stills and stills for the preparation of fire water, considered a panacea for all ills, above all to eradicate the divine "scourge". The essences exhibited in the rooms of Aboca Museum will tell how the great epidemics, plague, typhus, smallpox, used to be eradicated by any means, even with humble local herbs.

4.00 pm: meeting at Aboca Museo in via Niccolò Aggiunti 75 in Sansepolcro (AR) and start of the activity. 5.15 pm: end of activities.

Cost: € 8.00 - € 4.00 for children up to 10 years - Payment at the Aboca Museum ticket office
The event will be activated upon reaching the minimum number of 5 subscribers and confirmed the previous day.



All participants and visitors of Aboca Museum receive a 10% discount on purchases made at the Aboca store and which involve objects, Aboca products, Apoteca Natura and Aboca Edizioni. Those who wish can book their lunch at Osteria Il Giardino di Piero by calling 0575 733119. The restaurant, managed by the Aboca company itself, offers a rich proposal of traditional dishes, with organic ingredients and at Km 0 (à la carte menu ). With the communication of participation in the Aboca event, a 10% discount will be reserved.

Technical direction: Circolo degli Esploratori tour operator info@circoloesploratori.it

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Via Niccolò Aggiunti, 75
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Urban botany

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