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A new adventure at night awaits you! Sharp brains and a spirit of observation will be necessary ingredients to participate in the innovative “Escape Aboca Museum”! An exclusive and dynamic visit to our museum, a team game to solve all the puzzles and discover the code that will open the padlock that closes the museum door. "You lingered in the museum and did not notice the passage of time. At a certain point you hear a noise on the ground floor: the caretaker closed the building without checking that all the visitors had really come out! After a moment of fear, look for a way to resolve the situation, but the phone doesn't pick up and no one answers your calls ... "

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? You are about to register for an exclusive ESCAPE MUSEUM in the rooms of Aboca Museum. You will have to do it only with your strength and with your team, challenging the other participating teams and winning the exit! TIMETABLE: The appointment is at 21:00 at Aboca Museum. You will receive the first of four game booklets that include the museum map and a series of clues to unlock the lock that holds the museum door closed. Expected time of the end of the event: 11.00 pm NEEDED: active brains and a strong spirit of observation! Find your group of friends, name your team and sign up for the event!

COST: € 20.00 per person. Pre-payment is required for participation -
NB The game is in teams and also the registration refers to the team and not to the individual participants. Teams can be composed of a minimum of 4 people, a maximum of 7.



Methods of payment: - By bank transfer made out to Circolo Esploratori di Odoardi Michela IBAN IT64R0306971617100000002602; - By credit card communicating the data to the secretariat which will proceed with the debit without swiping - Via Paypal at the link https://paypal.me/ CircoloEsploratori? Locale.x = it_IT

Please communicate your chosen payment method to info@circoloesploratori.it

___________________ Technical direction of the event: Circolo degli Esploratori tour operator
For further information or clarifications: 0575750000 - E-mail: info@circoloesploratori.it

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Via Niccolò Aggiunti, 75
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