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The event

Aboca Museum proposes the ESCAPE MUSEUM in the rooms of the museum.

Hours : The appointment is at 21:00 at Aboca Museum . You will receive the first of four game booklets that include the museum map and a series of clues to unlock the lock that holds the museum door closed. Expected time of the end of the event : 11.00 pm.

Need : Your group of friends, name your team and sign up for the event!

Cost : € 20.00 per person.

Pre-payment is required for participation - NB The game is in teams and also the registration refers to the team and not to the individual participants. Teams can be composed of a minimum of 4 people, a maximum of 7.

Online registration.

For info on payment, see the museum page.

Timetable and tickets


Via Niccolò Aggiunti, 75
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