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closed The Last Fascism - 1943-1945. The Italian Social Republic

The event

From 1 July the museum section “The Last Fascism 1943-1945. The Italian Social Republic”, new layout of the MuSa – Museum of Salò.

A completely renewed exhibition itinerary that deals with the main historical aspects of the 600 days of CSR, wanted by the Municipality of Salò and by the Opera Pia e Carità layale Foundation and Istituto Lodroniano, with the support of the Lombardy Region.

The section is structured in two environments.

The first illustrates the background, i.e. the period from the fall of Mussolini (July 25, 1943) to the rise of the so-called Salò Republic (September 18, 1943): in this space the dramatic and convulsive passages are presented which first lead to the decision of the Fascist Grand Council to dismiss the Duce, and then to Mussolini's announcement on Radio Monaco of the birth of a new fascist state.

The second part of the exhibition instead deals systematically with the story of the Italian Social Republic from its establishment to its fall. First of all, the characteristics of the new republican state that settles on the shores of Lake Garda are illustrated through period objects and multimedia reconstructions: from the conscript army to the militias of volunteers, from socialization to racial persecution, from the roundups of partisans to the massacres of "rebels" and civilians.

A beacon is then lit on the ordeal suffered by the Italians in these six hundred days: bombings, deaths, displacements, hunger, black market.

The last part of the exhibition deals with the legacy of CSR in the first Republic: myth for the nostalgics, anti-myth for the democrats.


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Via Brunati, 9
25087 Salò


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