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MuSa - Salò Museum

The MuSa, inaugurated in June 2015, aims to be a museum in which to collect, interpret and communicate to the community and to those who visit Salò and Garda through the collections, the exhibition and even more through the initiatives that make it a living place of culture. , the identity of the city, its treasures and its contribution to national history.

The museum is housed in an ancient 16th century monastery, located in the upper part of the historic center of Salò, in a dominant position and a stone's throw from the lake.

MuSa interprets the evolution of the city and its territory from Roman times to today. Made up of numerous sections, dedicated not only to history, art history and archaeology, but also to music, science and technology. It is a rich and heterogeneous museum, also by virtue of the size and layout of the spaces, which strike the visitor with their airiness and majesty.

On the third level of our museum a rotating selection of sheets from the Civica Raccolta del Disegno of Salò is displayed, an exceptional institution in Italy for the size of the collection, for the quality and for its public nature. A unique expression, at a national level, of an almost forgotten artistic culture, the collection summarizes the history of Italian art from the post-war period to today.

The Museum hosts meetings and presentations to bring the public closer to the historical-artistic and cultural heritage, educational activities for children and teenagers, as well as temporary exhibitions ranging from local art to contemporary expressive avant-gardes.

In June 2023, a new, large section dedicated to the tragic days of the Republic of Salò was inaugurated.


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Via Brunati, 9
25087 Salò


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