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On the occasion of the cherry blossoms of the Japanese garden, the Botanical Garden Museum of Rome celebrates with the event " Hanami all'Orto Botanico" the idea of Nature that permeates Japanese culture and thus deeply defines its aesthetics. The event is organized with the patronage of the Japanese Cultural Institute in Rome, the Italy Japan Foundation and with the collaboration of the Green and Landscape Festival, Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe, Urasenke Center, Origami Diffusion Center, Ikebana Ohara ALU Study Group, CAMS - Perugia Botanical Garden, Floral Arts Studio.

In the contemplation of cherry trees in bloom and their beauty as surprising as it is ephemeral, there is one of the concepts that most deeply crosses Japanese thought, that of the impermanence of existence. The ancient attitude of the inhabitants of the Rising Sun to enjoy and accept the transience and provisional nature of existence as such, the sensitivity to embrace, in the poignant beauty of the hinc et nunc, the melancholy of the end. Understanding this helps to explain why the "Sakura culture" and the Japanese vision of Nature are so widespread and loved all over the world, also amplified by a wonderful lexical variety that tells its details and peculiarities. Another red thread guides this event: the wabi sabi.Two words that together express a philosophy of life, a feeling and a way of being, orienting oneself in the world, appreciating its authentic beauty that favors imperfection, becoming and transience, suggesting new gazes to read everyday life.

«Hanami all'Orto Botanico» is an event that focuses on the fine Japanese ability to observe Nature and emotionally participate in its world. Invite visitors to explore the interpenetration of the ubiquitous concepts of nature and beauty in this culture. It accompanies them along a free path, made up of exhibitions, moments of sharing and dialogue, green installations, guided tours, workshops for children.

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