Numero Cromatico

Numero Cromatico

Number Chromaticè a research center founded in Rome in 2011 by a group of researchers from the world of visual arts and neuroscience. The center designs and offers activitiesà innovative on’ scientific approach to artistic research. In addition to’ activityà Research, in nine years of activityà ;, have been designed and produced exhibitions, conferences, seminars, publications, workshops, performances and events. Since the founding of the research centerè Nodes editor of the magazine, periodical unique in Italy on the relationship between art and neuroscienze.Il group meets in 2011, when all the members are still university students. Together founded the Nodes six-monthly periodical, with the’ intention of creating an independent magazine capable of building a network among different disciplines with a particular attention to the relationship between art and science.

In 2016, after five years of activityà ;, the research Center for upgrading a large space of 200 square meters to via Carlo Caneva in Rome. A’ former garage of vending machines that the group transformed into a cultural space open to the public. In two years many cultural activities have been carried out which have participated in various capacities, mostù 2000 people from all over the world, including artists, curators, gallery owners, journalists, students and citizens. Since 2018 the center moved its headquarters at the Pastificio Ceres, in Ausoni 1 in Rome, in the heart of the historic San Lorenzo area.


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Via Tiburtina, 213
00185 Roma


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