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closed Redemption of the City

Curated by: Nicola Brucoli, Carlo Settimio Battisti

The show

The Riscatti di Città exhibition offers an overview of the urban and architectural scenario of Rome by means of a multidisciplinary approach: Photography, graphics, videos and realized and visionary architectural projects.

Riscatti di città deals with the theme of urban regeneration in the capital, through the mapping of abandoned and regenerated places and with a cycle of meetings between professionals aimed at stimulating participation in the greatest reflection on urban regeneration ever done in Rome.

Inauguration: Saturday 18 January 2020, 18.30

The exhibition, curated by Nicola Brucoli and Carlo Settimio Battisti, TWM Factory directors, created in collaboration with Palazzo Merulana, CoopCulture and the Elena and Claudio Cerasi Foundation, aims to stimulate discussion and discussion on the theme of urban regeneration in Rome, through a constant oscillation between taking note of the critical issues that reside in the area and wanting to make visible and systemic the opportunities created by regeneration interventions and ideas that settle in places.

“The theme of urban regeneration has acquired a central position in the design of the metropolises, the recovery and requalification of the existing building patrimony and the interventions in abandoned areas are necessary for a government of the territory aimed at improving the quality of life. As foreseeable for such a stratified organism, urban regeneration has entered forcefully into the dynamics of Rome, through operations that range between architecture, urban planning and functionalization, various elements of the capital have been transformed. Although different in the type of intervention, in the (re) established functions and in the actors involved, the common feature of these projects is to have the objective of generating value and creating new social dynamics in urban fabrics that had lost the features of the city. "

- Nicola Brucoli and Carlo Settimio Battisti, curators of the exhibition, TWM Factory directors

On the one hand, the entire initiative maps and photographs disused buildings, architectures that have lost their original function, urban voids that impoverish the city and abandoned cinemas. On the other hand, it enhances the virtuous processes of regeneration, implemented through international architecture projects, temporary reactivations aimed at relaunching real estate value, social art initiatives to re-evaluate the suburbs as a meeting place. Space was given to the projects that gravitate to the territory, ideas of students and young people who with reduced resources managed to trigger the redemption of Rome.

This project wants to talk about urban planning and Rome through a multitude of languages ​​now essential from analysis and proposal for the city. Architecture, mobility, photography, graphics: a method that embraces different disciplines to analyze the current state of urban systems on multiple levels, promoting an innovative creative orientation for contemporary metropolises, through a cycle of meetings with the best experiences and professionalism capable of treat the phenomenon at 360 degrees. This research work, designed and created in a regenerated space, wants to demonstrate that for Rome it is possible to get out of the vicious circle of self-pity about its degradation and its fragmented urban development. The redemption of the city is possible. Let's start from here.


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Via Merulana, 121
00185 Roma


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