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closed Evgeny Antufiev

Curated by: Marina Dacci, Svetlana Marich

The show

Evgeny Antufiev's relationship with the archaeological heritage settled in our territory and present in our museums is a long novel with chapters. A fascination that Antufiev undergoes for the sign and symbolic stratification, for the deep echo of ancient stories that continue to speak to us in the halls of museums. What better harmony for an artist who has always explored the idea of ​​immortality and regeneration through archetypes that have accompanied human existence and imagination in an endless story? In this chapter the meeting is with the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, an important guardian of the fascinating and for some still mysterious Etruscan civilization that was able - as well as the creative process of Antufiev - to absorb and metabolize contacts and relationships with multiple civilizations ( from East to West, from the Phoenicians to the Greeks, to the Carthaginians) and created a peculiar, very close relationship with the characteristics of the individual territories in which it settled, generating something absolutely new. Antufiev's work transports symbolic figures in time and space that have always accompanied human existence and imagination. Its ceramics as well as the castings, with textures and surfaces oxidized and treated with particular patinas and baths, evoke ancient discoveries and appear to us as a "gift" found in the subsoil. The presence of figures in transformation goes well with the Etruscan iconographic repertoire which is beautifully illustrated in the objects exhibited in the Museum of Villa Giulia. The formal outcome is intriguing, labyrinthine, absolutely unique: Antufiev's works take on hybrid identities, capable of generating similarities between different worlds and cultures, but are inevitably filtered through the culture of the artist's country of origin, Siberia, and the Russian folk tradition in the treatment of materials.


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Via di Villa Giulia, 9
00196 Roma


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