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closed Yuri Ancarani. The Roots of Violence

Curated by: Marcella Beccaria

The show

The exhibition "Yuri Ancarani. The roots of violence" presents for the first time to the public the filmic trilogy composed of San Siro (2014), San Vittore (2018) and San Giorgio (2019, version 0 - original film). The trilogy outlines a further chapter in YuriAncarani's research dedicated to places of socialization, work and social control. The interaction between human bodies, architectures, technologies and the consequent emotional and community relationships that are formed, are the basis of the artist's practice.

The San Vittore work was the winner of the second edition of the Italian Council call for proposals (2017), conceived by the Directorate General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Suburbs (DGAAP) of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, to promote Italian contemporary art in the world. San Vittore stems from multiple reflections of the artist concerning the condition of children whose parents are imprisoned. Ancarani entered into dialogue with Bambinisenzasbarre, a non-profit association that has been working for years in the San Vittore prison in Milan in order to protect relations between imprisoned parents and their children and protect their rights. Ancarani's filmic work focuses on some details of the articulated infantile universe that enters and leaves prison every day, including scenes that describe the strict security checks to which minors who pass the threshold of San Vittore are subjected to visit their parents. The ways in which childhood imagination processes the prison world are told by the artist through drawings made by children. In some of them, like a dark magic, the prison turns into a castle, inhabited by kings and queens.

San Vittore extends a research dedicated to iconic places in the city of Milan, where the artist has lived and worked for twenty-five years, already begun with another of the works on show, San Siro (2014). Set in the Milanese stadium of the same name, the San Siro film work presents an unexpected and powerful portrait in which the well-known place of entertainment is described as if it were a big machine that, prepared by skilled technicians, is ready to welcome crowds of fans. The work is characterized by a crescendo of tension, alluding to the energy that is progressively unleashed during football matches.

The exhibition itinerary also includes a first and experimental version of San Giorgio (2019, version 0 - original shot). The work investigates the idea of a bank, an institution that accompanies the history of our civilization since the Middle Ages, whose pervasiveness in the social system includes at the same time the concept of secrecy. The extract of the filmic work takes visitors inside hidden places, in which huge treasures are kept, at the same time focusing on the strict protocol of destruction to which sensitive documents and papers are subjected.

The exhibition "Yuri Ancarani. The roots of violence" follow the one organized in 2018 by the Kunsthalle Basel which, thanks to the ban won with the Castello di Rivoli, was supported by the Italian Council. As part of this prestigious international collaboration, Kunsthalle Basel and Castello di Rivoli are working on the first catalog dedicated to the artist's work. The publication will include texts by Elena Filipovic, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Marcella Beccaria and a conversation by the artist with Massimiliano Gioni.

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Piazzale Mafalda di Savoia, 2
10098 Rivoli


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