closed October 1968.

The show

Fifty years after the poor art exhibition plus poor actions (Antichi Arsenali della Repubblica, Amalfi, 4-6 October 1968), this exhibition collects photographs documenting a key moment in post-war art.

The images collected were taken in Amalfi in 1968 by Bruno Manconi, coming from the archive of Lia Rumma and of which a copy was donated to the Museum archive on this occasion. The corpus of images is of the highest value, as in some cases it is the only existing document capable of recounting entirely ephemeral works and actions. At the same time, it testifies to the exceptional historical moment that brought together the creativity of some of the greatest artists and intellectuals who revolutionized contemporary art on an international level.

The exhibition was organized in 1968 by the Centro Studi Colautti of Salerno promoted by Marcello Rumma , an enlightened collector, publisher and patron, and curated by Germano Celant (who had already set up the first exhibition of Arte Povera Arte Povera-IM space, Galleria La Bertesca, Genoa, September-October 1967, and published the theoretical manifesto "Arte Povera. Notes for a guerrilla", November 1967, Flash Art).

The exhibition in Amalfi - the first public exhibition of Arte Povera - was also the first important moment of internationalization of the artists of the sixties in which protagonists of conceptual art, post-minimalism and Land Art met. Together with Giovanni Anselmo, Alighiero Boetti, Luciano Fabro, Paolo Icaro, Jannis Kounellis, Gino Marotta, Mario Merz, Marisa Merz, Giulio Paolini, Pino Pascali, Gianni Piacentino, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Emilio Prini, Gilberto Zorio , (the artist Piero Gilardi participated in the conference), the Amalfi review also included other artists such as Pietro Lista and Ableo and European artists such as the English Richard Long and the Dutch J an Dibbets and Gerard Van Elk .

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Piazzale Mafalda di Savoia, 2
10098 Rivoli


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