Museo Degli Sguardi

The Museum of Rimini looks is dedicated to ethnological and archaeological cultures of Africa, Oceania and pre-Columbian America and aims to promote a reflection on our relationship with the culture and art of the people. The museum's collection is the result of the trips Delfino Dinz Rialto (1920-1979), traveler-Venetian collector and founder of the museum, made in Africa, Oceania and America. Other works were transferred to the museum by the Franciscan Friars, thanks to the collections in mission lands, forming the prestigious Archaeological Collection Columbian Ugo Canepa of Biella; also a small but significant Amazonian collection donated by Bruno Fusconi Cesena. The materials of these important constituent nuclei are proposed to visitors using different interpretations, which reflect many approaches in the consideration, collecting, "treat" from the museological point of view and artistically rework the testimonies of other cultures. Inside the cave of Villa Alvarado, one of the many underground cavities that dot the hillside Covignano and, more generally, many other places in the Rimini area, it was finally settled a related figurines series with the cult of water.

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