The Fortress Of San Leo

The Fortress of San Leo, also known as the fortress of San Leo is located in the province of Rimini. And 'placed at the highest point of a rocky spire bordered by impressive vertical walls, the fortress is the main architectural Emergency entire village of San Leo. The fortified village origins are certainly pre-Christian, although the first documented an actual establishment are linked to the presence of the holy Leone between fourth and fifth centuries. The remarkable strategic position made San Leo a disputed place throughout the Middle Ages: from the Goths to the Byzantines, the Lombards through (Desire built the first brick defensive garrison) to the domination of the Church, stood up from the mid-eighth well into the tenth century. Used as a prison for a long time - well-known is the story of the Count of Cagliostro, imprisoned here between 1791 and 1795 - the fortress will finally be used as a military barracks until 1915. Today the fortress, cleaned by nineteenth-century superstructures that have altered the Renaissance style, has returned to its architectural splendor that makes it one of the most celebrated evidence of military art, in a setting of history and art among the most beautiful in Italy.

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Via Giacomo Leopardi
47865 Rimini


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