The Mauseoleum Of Theodoric

The Mausoleum of Theodoric is the most famous funerary building of late antiquity protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The monument was built by Theodoric as his own burial around 520 A.D. This magnificent edifice testifies to the commitment of the Gothic king in maintaining a balance, both political and religious, between the ancient Romans and the Goths "invaders". This is made visible by the superb and unique architectural composition in which the Roman tradition and the new oriental influences combine to produce only this impressive monument. The Mausoleum has a decagonal perimeter that develops on two levels surmounted by a large monolithic dome. The building apparatus, made in opus quadratum and proceeds in Aurisina stone, reveals the dry technique, namely that the rows of square blocks are simply superimposed and stopped inside by iron clamps dovetail. The lower floor is divided into a series of niches on nine sides, while in the tenth that faces west is located the front door. The outer profile of the upper compartment is set back, thus creating a trench discovered of 1.30 m along the entire outer perimeter. Almost the attack with the dome, the profile becomes circular by means of a sturdy apron that you set immediately above the lintel of the front door. Just above the fascia runs a frame decorated in "pincer", because already detectable in jewelry and Ostrogoths also reflected in the "armor of Theodoric", found in the cheek cemetery not far from the mausoleum. The extraordinary coverage is unparalleled in the ancient and modern architectural heritage. Today's Mausoleum is in a large park surrounding the monument by inserting it in a power perspective "" designed to accommodate and emphasize this extraordinary building. A unique monument of its kind that demonstrates the personality of King Theodoric, anything but barbaric, but educated and skilled military leader and peacemaker.

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Via delle Industrie, 14
48122 Ravenna


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