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The show

LOOKING ON means to stand by and watch. The commonly negative and passive meaning of staring, the neglect of refraining from any action becomes a positive and active exercise of patience and observation, which requires, in fact, to stand, stand still and watch, insist, look again.

This insistence is indispensable for both photographers and photographers.

The LOOKING ON project is built through a double invitation, the first addressed to some professionals from different fields of photography ( Chiara Bardelli Nonino, Federica Chiocchetti, Silvia Loddo, Elisa Medde, Giulia Ticozzi and Giulia Zorzi ) who in turn invited emerging Italian authors who suggest that we stand by and watch. The occasion will be a laboratory exhibition, curated by a photographic observatory, which tells the views and perspectives of emerging photography in Italy.

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via di Roma, 13
48121 Ravenna


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