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ongoing Dante. The eyes and the mind

Curated by: Giuseppe Antonelli, Giorgia Salerno

The show

At the MAR in Ravenna an exhibition tells the popular epic of Dante Alighieri and his poem. A narration of words, sounds and images, from cinema to songs, from advertising to comics, from writing to the myriad of objects that reproduce the famous icon, to visions of contemporary art with names on the international scene. An Epic POP is curated by Giuseppe Antonelli, professor of Italian linguistics at the University of Pavia, well-known signature of the Corriere della sera, host and host of radio and television broadcasts, first inspirer, with his The museum of the Italian language published in 2018 by Mondadori, and now coordinator of the MULTI project. Multimedia museum of the Italian language, funded by MIUR. Intersecting the exhibition is a contemporary art path curated by Giorgia Salerno, head of cultural coordination and conservator of the MAR.

Dante's popular fortune begins as early as the fourteenth century and reaches that cultural universe that we generically call "pop". His most famous verses, which have entered the common language of Italians, have been reproduced all over the world in almanacs and calendars, posters and T-shirts; we see them written on the walls; we recognize them in commercials and songs. The poet's image has become an international icon, from the monuments in the squares to the myriad of objects that reproduce it. The stories and characters of the poem, especially the infernal atmospheres, have generated the most varied creative manifestations. The Comedy, translated into a hundred languages, has spread through thousands of popular illustrated editions, commentaries and summaries, film reductions and television parodies, sticker albums, board games, comic stories and cartoons. There is the Dante symbol of Italian and European cultural identity, whose effigy passes from lire to euro. There is the image of Dante used - for some time now - as a commercial brand and in an advertising key like the famous affiche by Olivetti, chosen as the image of the exhibition. There is the Dante character who returns in the plots of books, films, games and video games, up to the "mnemonic fortune" of the verses of the Comedy, retraced through some key episodes ranging from the fourteenth century to today.

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via di Roma, 13
48121 Ravenna


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date_range MAR - Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna MAR - Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna


Until 09 January 2022

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