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closed Theatrical monologue: The Doubt by Flavia Publicia, Vestale Massima to Turris Libisonis

The event

As part of the extraordinary openings for the Summer in Museums 2022 cycle, on Thursday 21 July, at 8.00 pm, the theatrical monologue entitled "The doubt of Flavia Publicia, Vestale Massima a Turris Libisonis" will be presented at the Antiquarium Turritano in Porto Torres.

Written and performed by the actress Clara Farina, with music by Roberto Desiato, the monologue was born from an idea of Paola Ruggeri, professor of Roman history at the University of Sassari.

The protagonist and inspirer of the monologue is the figure of Flavia Publicia, one of the best known and most celebrated Vestal priestesses in 3rd century Rome. d. C., known through various testimonies, including an inscription of the III century. d. C., preserved in the National Archaeological Museum Antiquarium Turritano in Porto Torres.


Timetable and tickets


Via Ponte Romano, 99
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