The Royal Palace of Portici is located in the picturesque town in the province of Naples. The Palace is a historic residence of the eighteenth century built in neoclassical style. The mansion was built by King Charles of Bourbon as a royal palace for the Bourbons, even before the construction and design of the Palace of Caserta. Works started in 1738 by Antonio Canevari and many artists were called to court to paint the rooms of the palace including Giuseppe Bonito and Canart Joseph, who took charge of the marble sculptures. Following several historical events the Villa fell into disuse and only with Gioacchino Murat was refurbished and given to Pope Pius IX. Today the Royal Palace of Portici houses the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Naples "Federico II". The Palace is home to several museums that are part of the museum center of the Palace of Portici (MUSA). This includes: The Botanic gardens, the Botanical Museum Orazio Comes the Etnomolgico Filippo Silvestri Museum, the Mineralogical Museum Parascandola Antonio, the Museum of Agricultural Mechanics Carlo Santini, Anatomo Museum - livestock Tito Manlio Bettini and the historic Library museum. All museums actively collaborating with students of the Faculty Agricultural, particularly for educational activities and workshops.

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Via Università, 100
80055 Portici

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