Fondazione Pino Pascali

The Pino Pascali Foundation

The birth of the Pino Pascali Museum dates back to 1998 following an important legacy of works and memorabilia that belonged to the artist by the family. In 2010 the Museum was transformed into the Pino Pascali Foundation, shared by the Puglia Region and the Municipality of Polignano a Mare, with statute and internal regulations. The current location is a restored former municipal slaughterhouse, overlooking the sea, the house on the sea that Pascali so desired.

The activity of the Foundation moves its steps from the figure of Pino Pascali, one of the most important exponents of Italian and international art during the Sixties, who died at the age of 33 in Rome, a fundamental point of reference for the development of the exhibition activity. of the museum.

The Foundation is structured in such a way as to work by containers in order to offer a vision of art that is as eclectic and in line with the main avant-garde linguistic research of the moment.

In addition to a substantial number of works by Pino Pascali, the Foundation exhibits the works of the most significant Apulian artists and the works of the winning artists of the Pino Pascali Prize. The permanent collection and temporary exhibitions return to the public a cultural offer in line with the most popular museum standards in the world, so much so that in 2013, the First Prize for the Best Contemporary Art Foundation in Italy was awarded.


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Via Parco del Lauro, 119
70044 Polignano a Mare


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