The Museum and University of Pisa is located in the historical center of the city and is part of the University Museum System of the University of Pisa. The botanical garden was born in 1543 on the initiative of Luca Ghini, medical doctor and leading botanist from Imola. With the support of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I de 'Medici it was possible to found the oldest university Botanical Garden in the world. Originally built on the banks of the River Arno, it was transferred to its present location in 1591 and then gradually expanded to the current extent of almost two hectares. It has plants in five continents: the succulent African deserts and American; the aromatic plants of the Mediterranean; the species of the Tuscan marshes; many old trees and many others. Heir of the gallery, established in 1591 by the Grand Duke Ferdinando I de 'Medici, it still retains the Picture Gallery, consists of seventeenth-century portraits of famous botanists, the monumental gates of entry to the gallery and the "Studiolo" for the seeds of 'Botanical Garden. It also houses objects related to the teaching of botany university from the end of the eighteenth century. Some are true works of art, like the botanical wax models and plaster and watercolor effect teaching boards (XIX sec.). Other collections are the plant samples in vitro, xylotheque, instructional models, the instruments of botanical and paleo-botanical collections. Finally, the Botanical Museum, thanks to two multimedia stations, you can take a virtual tour of the historical collections of the Herbarium (Herbarium Horti Pisani Botanical plants) preserved in the Palace Center of the Botanical Garden and only accessible to scholars on reservation.

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Via Luca Ghini, 13
56126 Pisa

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