The Domus Galilaeana is located in the historic center of Pisa and today is recognized as the Italian Institute of the History of Science. The Domus was born in 1938 with the task of creating an institute in honor of Galileo Galilei. The main objective of the institution is to promote studies and research related to the figure of Galileo Galilei. The Institute reflects on the scientific value on the entire history of ancient, modern and contemporary science in relation to philosophy, the sociology of science, the history of philosophy and political historiography. Among the instruments preserved are the Pisan Electronic Calculator, the "Sources" for the experiments on induced radioactivity by Enrico Fermi, the photographic instrumentation of the astronomer Pio Emanuelli and some machines from the Institute of Technical Physics of the University of Pisa. The Institute includes a specialized library with a library heritage linked to Galilean science and history. The library collection has been enriched thanks to the donation of manuscripts and volumes that include the documentation relating to the research of Enrico Fermi, the epistolary collection of Giovanni Virgilio Schiapparelli and the notebooks of Ettore Majorana. The Domus organizes educational activities relating to scientific and physical history aimed at several age groups.

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