The Museum of Piacenza Gazzola was founded in 1838 through the bequest of Dr. Cesare Martelli. On that occasion, 42 paintings, including works by Antonio Campi, Gian Mauro della Rovere, known as Fiamminghino, the Miradori, Piola, by Giovanni Andrea De Ferrari, the Guidobono, Bonifacio of Pitati, the dell'Altdorfer school, Mattia Preti, Giuseppe Maria Crespi, Della Vecchia, Benedetti Luti, Mussi and Luigi Carlo Maria Viganoni were ceded to the Institute. The Congregation administering the assets bequeathed by Gazzola decided to create a real art school in Piacenza Gazzola palace belonged to the family. Do not, therefore, a simple scholarship, as he had thought the count, but a real course of study with masters regularly paid by the Institute of Art Gazzola. Throughout the nineteenth century, then, all the best artists from Piacenza rotated around the Institute. At Hammer legacy was followed by several others that further increased the museum with works such as The meeting of Hector with Andromache and Hector scolds Paris, two of the best youth evidence of a painter Gaspare Landi in robes "History", praise with a sonnet by Ippolito Pindemonte. Also of note was the table of the Circumcision signed by Perugino and dated 1498, the painting of Morazzone depicting Jesus scourged and Education of the Virgin refers to Roberto De Longe, as well as numerous paintings of Zanco legacy, such as Our Lady of Sorrows of Sweets, the flowers all 'opened Margherita Caffi and the Roman landscape of JP Hackert. Gazzola The Museum is also able to offer a wide selection of works representing the main aspects of Piacenza painting between the XIX and XX century.

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Via Gazzola, 9,
29121 Piacenza


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