The Ricci Oddi Gallery in Piacenza was inaugurated in October 1931. The history of the Modern Art Gallery originates from the private life of the collector, who begins to set it up for personal taste. Only after years Ricci Oddi considers it a duty to create a public structure in which to place the works, with a view to a continuous growth of the collection. Some of the works exhibited in the gallery were donated by the artists themselves: the case of Filippo De Pisis is worth, who in 1937 offered the splendid vase of flowers with pipe just painted. The acquisitions are mainly directed towards two kinds of figurative art: the landscape, typical of private collecting as it lends itself well to furnishing apartments, and portraiture, of which Ricci Oddi prefers the works of the scapigliati and the divisionists, far from the encomiastic portrait and parade, a romantic custom. Thus important works enter the collection, such as those by Pellizza da Volpedo, Previati, Segantini, Ravier, Zandomeneghi, Bocchi and many others. Worth mentioning is the Portrait of a Lady by Gustav Klimt currently exhibited inside the rooms of the museum; the painting has a fascinating history, it was stolen in 1997 and found in December 2019.

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