Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna

The Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna is located in the city center of Pescara and its waterfront. The Museum was founded in 2002 inside the building built in the fifties of the rationalist project architect Eugenio Montuori. The museum is dedicated to Vittoria Colonna, Marchioness of Pescara and friend of Michelangelo. The museum collection consists mostly of contemporary works of the most celebrated artists of the art world, including Joan Miro, Renato Guttuso, Basilio Cascella, Pablo Picasso, Gaston Orellana, Mario Tozzi and Arturo Carmassi. The first core of the collection was formed as a result of a donation "Gangai - Stoppato" with works by Carra, Guidi, Manzù, Brindisi, Bueno and Calabria. Other significant donations artist Giuseppe Misticoni, with its paintings, and Benini and the painting of the impressionist painter Ulisse Pichi. The Museum has built a 'shelf of free trade ", a space for the free consultation and exchange of books among citizens of all ages. The museum hosts temporary exhibitions and cultural events. Also available is a conference room, study meetings and concerts.

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Via Antonio Gramsci
65122 Pescara


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