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An exceptional corpus of over 70 works that recounts one of the most significant experiences of avant-garde art of the early twentieth century , with a nucleus of works by the Die Brücke group, the purest, most radical and passionate heart of Expressionism. More than in painting and drawing, the most innovative characteristics of the Brücke are expressed in printed graphics and woodcuts, especially for Kirchner, Schmidt-Rottluff, Heckel and Pechstein .

Also on stage were Alfred Kubin, belonging to the Der Blaue Reiter group, Oskar Kokoschka, one of the major representatives of Austrian expressionism and Lovis Corinth, who had steered German impressionism towards a passionate expressive power. Otto Dix, Max Beckmann and Käthe Kollwitz, among the exponents of "expressionistic realism" and many other artists (Carl Kaspar, Frans Masereel, Karel Černy, Gerhard Marcks), whose works reveal a climate of expressionist origin extended over time up to to the sixties of the twentieth century with the woodcuts of Chin Sung and Stanislaw Czaika, the works of the Werkstatt Rixdorfer Drucke laboratory and the group of 5 India inks and colored chalk and a watercolor by Schmidt-Rottluff, characterized by a further simplification of the forms and a color sensibility which reaffirm how the first expressionists, even in the extreme phase of their activity, knew how to place drawing techniques on the same level as painting. Apparently "off the road", Max Ernst, brilliant protagonist of Dadaism and Surrealism, whose debut took place in the expressionist sphere in 1914.

The ideal closure of the collection is the portrait of Schmidt-Rottluff created in pure expressionist style by the Sicilian artist Vincenzo Celi. The painter Giosetta Fioroni, exponent of the School of Piazza del Popolo, also pays homage to the Berlin period of the Expressionists, with the work "Berliner".

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Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 270
65122 Pescara


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