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The new exhibition initiative of the National Gallery of Umbria it’s dedicated to the Perugian miniaturist Cesare Franchi, known as il Pollino, a refined sixteenth-century artist who represents, in this context, one of the excellences of European art.
Artist and miniaturist known in his time, he met a tragic end, since he was guilty of a murder committed in Perugia during the Carnival, he was executed at "la fonte di piazza" on Monday 20 February 1595.
Cesare Franchi painted his miniatures with surprising meticulousness and refinement, creating in the small format very elaborate scenes populated with numerous figures.To look at this very elegant microcosm and to be able to appreciate every detail, the visitor will be provided with magnifying glasses that will allow him to become fully aware of the extraordinary ability of this artist, nicknamed Pollino "for his lack of sight", from the Latin adjective pullus ie dark, consequent to the daily visual effort imposed on him by his work. An ancient and contemporary way of discovering the visual secrets of a work of art.
Treated with an eccentric and unconventional spirit, Pollino's works are imbued with a Nordic and international culture that projects Perugia itself at the center of a surprising artistic crossroads worthy of further critical analysis.
The exhibition, whose scientific project was curated by a Committee composed of Elena De Laurentiis, Duccio Marignoli, Marco Pierini, Simonetta Prosperi Valenti, Giovanna Sapori and Laura Teza, is realized in collaboration with the Marignoli Foundation of Montecorona di Spoleto, engaged in studies and research in the field of the history of art and culture in Italy with particular regard to the regional territory, of the Friends of the National Gallery of Umbria which financed the restoration of miniatures and of Luxottica, a world leader in the field of optics, which provided the powerful magnifying glasses that will allow visitors to 'discover' the miniatures, particularly after particular, retracing among other things the invoice modalities of the works themselves.

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Corso Vannucci, 19
06123 Perugia

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Until 20 February 2022

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