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The artist works mainly with the sculptural language and the installation, taking care of both the material and the spatial device of the work. His research moves between scientific studies, philosophical notes and territorial explorations that place the gaze on the imperceptible of everyday life. Coppola uses the casting technique to record the time and forms of his transience, carnal but at the same time unusual to the eye, approaching them through the geometry of light architectures that define the space of the work. Its intent is to act a semantic and perceptual shift of the link between nature and society through the use of industrial materials and / or fragments of nature, intimately affective but endowed with the potential to shake a universal resonance.


The work on display in the spaces of the Elevator starts from the formal and conceptual research that the artist carries out on the fragments and on the vegetable voids, capable of sedimenting the memory of a territory. The Anglo-American bombing of '43, among the known consequences, damaged many palms of Villa Giulia and the Botanical Garden of Palermo. In the exhibition space there are three casts, made of silicone rubber, made by the artist directly on the lesions of the mutilated palms, whose characteristic of the stem is that it does not regenerate. The display on display supports the blue negatives as if they were masks of surviving heroes and summarizes the verticality of the plant, bringing it back to a one-to-one relationship with the body and the exhibition space. The research has developed over a year between walks, explorations, meetings and archiving of historical material translating on different narrative media: the photographic series of the project tells the signs of an unexpected narrative, traces of an apparently natural event; two mappings collect the scientific notes of an artistic process that goes as far as the sculptural plasticity of those empty and at the same time poetic voids.


On the occasion of the Schegge exhibition, the booklet of the same name is presented in ed. limited and numbered that collects authorial material on the project that was carried out with the support of the Museum System University of Palermo - Botanical Garden.


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Vicolo Niscemi, 8
90133 Palermo


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