closed Davide Mineo

Curated by: Alessia Coppolino

The show

The Lift presents Davide Mineo's personal exhibition Schema Plastico with a text by Alessia Coppolino.

Mineo puts two opposites in dialogue: the order of elementarity and the chaos, or chance, of the expression of intimacy. His work is stillness that contains disorder, every fold, brushstroke, writing imprinted in the body of the paper, every transparency and every full shadow is a relic of a chaos that has been, of a gesture that has taken place and that could happen again, a calm tension .

Schema Plastico is an attitude, it is transforming the space to make it your own environment, telling the staff in a universal language, returning to the elementary to discover the indecipherable, it is seeking silence to find words.

Mineo works on an idea of ​​painting that brings together different attitudes, from the concentration on chromatic relationships to the exploration of the tactile properties of materials, from the reflection on the sign value of the gesture that he sews, which he assembles, in search of a three-dimensionality that is physical occupation of space, a corporeal translation of an idea.


Timetable and tickets


Vicolo Niscemi, 8
90133 Palermo


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