Palazzo Zuckermann

houses on the ground floor and the first floor the Museum of Applied Arts and, on the second floor, the Bottacin Museum. In Museum of applied and decorative arts are preserved over two thousand objects belonging to the collections of the Civic Museum of Medieval and Modern: glass, carvings, ceramics, silver, ivory, jewelry, textiles, furniture. A high number of pieces, for the most part never exposed to the public, which illustrates different types of artifacts in use in Padova between the Middle Ages and the second halfà century.

Fascinating reconstructions of environments, within the chronological path, allow the visitor to immerse themselves in the spirit and life of the various eras, taking the evolution of taste and the different artistic techniques. In addition, the exposure of più objects belonging to the epoch it allows to easily perceive the connections between what the artists and craftsmen were made in their shops.

Museum Bottacin find a functional arrangement the entire collection of Nicola Bottacin, a wealthy merchant in 1865 leg memorize options the cityà its heritage of art and coins, gathered mostlyù in Trieste around the methà century. In an ideal furnishing reconstruction of his house Trieste shows his paintings, furniture, sculptures, Chinese pottery, ancient weapons and other works acquired for the decoration of his apartment complex, built in eclectic style of the nineteenth century .

the exhibition is divided into two routes, one dedicated to works of art, the other to the strictly numismatics. The exhibitionè based on più reconstruction; It can correct the original environment and the tastes of the nineteenth century bourgeois clientele. It allows you to grasp how widespread attention for painting and the academic or traditional sculpture, although there are openings to some innovative cultures.

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Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 33
35137 Padova


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