The Archaeological Museum of Ozieri is in the historical center of the city and is located in the former convent of the Poor Clares. The Archaeological Museum houses a rich collection of coins composed of three hoards of monteali Lagostis, Baesia and Tramentu. Other discoveries of the twentieth century have come to the museum in part as a gift and partly for the purchase by Amadu collection. The collection of bronzes Cattina use and Delogu-Tola ingot, also acquired by the Museum with regional and municipal funds, are among the most important evidence of the Bronze Age. Through various donations Tola, Mannu, Saturn, missing, Fin converged at the Museum of the materials discovered in the caves and in the territory of Ozieri in the first three decades of the twentieth century when he rediscovered the cave St. Michael, in part already visited before the intervention of the Taramelli. The other exhibits are a deposit by the State and include materials from prehistoric caves, votive bronzes from the territory and a significant collection of forms of fusion, user bronzes and votive, and a lapidary collection. The Museum has been further enriched with three private donations. Marinelli The donation consists of portraits and other objects belonging to the general Giannino Baroncelli. The Bandini collection is also made of portraits and personal items of the magistrate Pietro Cosseddu Virdis.

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Piazza Pietro Micca
07014 Ozieri

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