The Faina Museum is located in the palace in the center of Orvieto, in the province of Terni. The Museum was founded in 1864 as a private collection and then donated to the city of Orvieto in 1954. The museum was named after Claudio Faina, Count who inherited the death of her father Eugenio the entire archaeological collection. The Faina Count to pay homage to his father and his city donated the collection in order to enhance it and make it accessible to all. Today it is considered one of the museums with the richest collection of all Italy. The collection was assembled during the nineteenth century and then be preserved in museums. The museum has an archaeological collection of Greek, Etruscan and Roman. In particular they are preserved funerary, a moneyer, the numismatic collections and a collection of Attic vases with red and black figures. The ground floor houses the pediments of the Temple of Belvedere di Orvieto, the stone in the shape of a warrior head that comes from the necropolis of the Crucified del Tufo and Venus Cannicella, also coming from the Necropolis Cannicella. Of great value is the precious overlooking the Duomo di Orvieto that you can enjoy from the first floor of the Palace.

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