Museum of the Battle of Ortona

The Museum of the Battle of Ortona

The Museum of the Battle of Ortona is located in the historic center of the city, in the province of Chieti. The museum is located inside the former convent of Sant'Anna and is dedicated to the battle of the same name which took place during the Second World War. The Museum was set up in 2002 thanks to the collaboration of war witnesses. The museum consists of three rooms. The first room, known as the "Hall of civilians", is full of photos, evidence of that period. A model illustrates what happened in the center of Ortona. As Winston Churchill, the British prime minister, said, "It was the first major battle in the streets of a town, and we learned a lot from it". Ortona is called "Little Stalingrad" or "The Stalingrad of Italy", because here the Germans used the same tactics they had suffered in the Russian city from the local population. A blow-up shows the destruction of the Cathedral of St. Thomas, the patron saint of the city. The second room is that of the protagonists of the battle, the "Sala dei fighters", to which both veterans and civilians contributed, with the donation of war and non-war objects, also found in the surrounding countryside, theater of battles until June 1944. Some maps behind a second model explain the military tactics used during the battle. The third room, also dedicated to war paintings and stories, shows another important aspect of war, the use of propaganda. There are reproductions of various newspapers of the time, which report the different phases of the battle in Ortona and its surroundings and reproductions of notices addressed to the citizens by the Germans stationed in the city. Inside the third room is the "Prayer Room", with a Bible placed on a lectern for those who want to meditate by reading some passages.


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Corso Garibaldi
66026 Ortona


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