Altieri Palace

The Palazzo Altieri in Oriolo Romano was built during the years 1578-1585 by the will of George III Santacroce. Tradition attributes the design of the building as well as the entire urban context, to Jacopo Barozzi Vignola said, but it is very doubtful attribution. The building reached its present configuration in 700 at the hands of Altieri under the direction of Carlo Fontana. To external bodies were added to the two north wings, creating a large courtyard. The decor of the building is largely dispersed, what now remains is the original 600. The Museum is divided internally into 14 halls, arranged on the right and left of the Avi Hall, centerpiece of the building, the Chapel of St. Maximus It operates Orsini, and the Popes Gallery. Among the frescoes on the walls there is a precious image of the building first of the actions undertaken by the Orsini and the Altieri. The Dining Room, offers late-eighteenth-century paintings depicting the surrounding estates, the building and the street Altieri of Oriolo Romano. Of the collections in the Museum, the most original and of great importance is the Gallery of Popes commissioned by Clement X, which includes portraits of the popes who have succeeded in the history of the Church. The collection is particularly important because it is the only complete all the series of papal portraits. The long gallery develops in a sequence of nine rooms, most of the portraits, are 268 in total, before the end of the seventeenth century has been performed. The portrait of many of the popes of the sixteenth and seventeenth century is copied from pieces by famous artists: Julius II by Raphael copy, Palo III by Titian, Paolo V by Caravaggio. The paintings are available in chronological order: San Pietro is on the front row at the top right of the entrance of the door, while the most recent in the line at the bottom left. In a stately home could not miss the garden to give the full connotation of patrician villa according to the stylistic canons of the sixteenth century. It is currently owned by the city.

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piazza Umberto I, 20
01010 Oriolo Romano


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