The Gonzaga Museum is located inside the Rocca di Novellara and preserves historical and artistic memories, especially related to the presence of the Gonzaga family. The exhibition begins in the halls of the sixteenth-century aristocratic apartment on the first floor of the north of the Gonzaga's fortress, where several rooms still decorated coffered ceilings, wall friezes, in Verona marble fireplaces. In the first room they are exposed Romanesque frescoes - the Byzantines in 1280, owned by the Bishop's Curia, that decorated the apse of the ancient church of San Giovanni della Fossa and Roman coins of the donation Angie Sexes. In these rooms you can instead admire the frescoes painted by Lelio Orsi in 1558 for the Casino di Sopra, a Gonzaga residence in novellarese territory. To mention the particular importance is the tapestry of Florentine manufacture commissioned by Alfonso I Gonzaga in 1554 and purchased at auction by the City of Novellara in 2003. Of great importance is the collection of vases Pharmacy from the Convent of the Jesuits a Novellara collections richest and existing valuable.

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