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Art, Design and Multimedia come together in the Plart Foundation , a center of excellence which since 2008 has looked to design innovation as the key to creating and disseminating unprecedented cultural experiences. Through a multidisciplinary approach to the Plart Foundation , the complexity of our present is told, with an eye always aimed at exploring the future. Its spaces host an interactive junction in which the most diverse forms of creativity converge, thanks to the involvement of an eclectic group of professionals from Italy and the world.

The Plart Foundation lives as a dynamic forge, moving between the international attention towards the new expressions of experimental design and the research work around non-polluting materials and the problems of conservation, restoration and increasingly sustainability, thus representing a “ hub for sustainable creativity ”. In the two locations, in Naples and soon also in Turin, one of the most original permanent collections of historical plastics in the world is exhibited, supported by a rich program of exhibitions, immersive multimedia installations, performances, workshops, laboratories and educational projects , which develop under the banner of innovation and the desire to amaze.

The Plart is a multifunctional space dedicated to scientific research and technological innovation for the recovery, restoration and conservation of works of art and design in plastic material. The Plart houses a research center, an events area, a space for training and the permanent exhibition of objects from one of the best-known collections of historical plastics .

The collection - built over the course of 30 years thanks to a patient research work by Maria Pia Incutti and under the curatorship of the architect. Nunzio Vitale - represents an important point of reference in the world of plastics. The collection tells the story of plastic and with it the evolution of society's uses and customs , from the end of the 19th century to the 1970s, highlighting the heterogeneity and versatility of this eclectic family of materials: from bakelite to celluloid, from resin to polyurethane. It is a museum collection of over 1500 pieces made up of anonymous design objects - pens, dolls, boxes, lamps - and works by contemporary designers and artists such as Piero Gilardi, Gaetano Pesce, Franco Mello, Guido Drocco, Tony Cragg and many others. In 1990, the historic In Plastica exhibition at the Pignatelli Cortes Museum in Naples was dedicated to the collection. In 1991 it was exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris, at the VIII design exhibition in Saint Etienne and in 2002 - promoted and organized by the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation - in São Paulo, Brazil.


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Via G. Martucci, 48
80121 Naples


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