The National Archaeological Museum of Sannio Caudino is located in the town of Montesarchio, in the province of Benevento. The Museum is housed in the medieval castle, located on the upper part of the city. The first section of the museum was inaugurated in 2007 and is dedicated to the history and archeology of the Caudina Valley. The exhibits are displayed in chronological order and are evidence of rich history. The finds are dated from prehistoric times to the Roman period. The ancient city of Montesarchio was a major center of trade with the Greek cities and the Etruscan world - Campania. Of particular interest are surely the many figured vases of Attic and Italiot production found in the tombs of the fifth - fourth century B.C. .. The last part of the museum is dedicated to two important centers of caudino Sannio Sant'Agata dei Goti and S. Salvatore Telesino, including exhibits from the rich cemeteries are exposed. One of the most famous vessels is one depicting the "Rape of Europa", stolen by grave robbers in a necropolis of Sant'Agata dei Goti. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions of contemporary art and photography.

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Via Castello, 1
82010 Montesarchio

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