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Curated by: Daniele De Luigi

The show

Modena Arti Visive Foundation presents Ultima Perfection, solo exhibition by artist Quayola (Rome, 1982), to be held in the upper rooms of Palazzo Santa Margherita from 18 September 2020 to 10 January 2021, curated by Daniele De Luigi and produced by FMAV in collaboration with the Marignana Arte gallery in Venice. The exhibition, which opens on the occasion of the 2020 philosophy festival dedicated to the theme "Machines" (18-20 September 2020), is the first solo exhibition of the artist in an Italian institution and is the result of the participation of the Modena Arti Visive Foundation in the edition 2019 of the Level 0 Award of Art Verona, which involved 13 of the main Italian museums and contemporary art institutions.


Quayola confronts the western artistic tradition and rethinks it through the most advanced contemporary technologies, to which he assigns a new role: no longer an instrument, but a partner with which to confront and explore new possible ways of reading reality. Technology, for the Roman artist, is no longer subject to man, but complicit in the formulation of unpublished languages ​​and therefore, by extension, of new categories that are now part of everyday life, of abstract thought and of man's aesthetic sensitivity contemporary. On this anthropological premise Quayola builds his research, in which the painting and sculpture of the ancient masters constitute the starting point. This approach leads to works that use both technological and traditional supports, a choice that allows to mark the dialogue between past and present. The media chosen by the artist are in fact prints and sculptures in different materials, but also videos, audiovisual performances and immersive installations, often in historically significant architectural sites.



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Corso Canalgrande, 103
41121 Modena


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FMAV - Palazzo Santa Margherita FMAV - Palazzo Santa Margherita


the 11 December

date_range FMAV - Palazzo Santa Margherita FMAV - Palazzo Santa Margherita


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date_range FMAV - Palazzo Santa Margherita FMAV - Palazzo Santa Margherita


Until 31 January 2022

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