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Fondazione Modena Arti Visive presents the collective MOTEL in the spaces of MATA, which brings together, through photographs, videos and installations, the results of the research of the Master's students on the contemporary image of the FMAV Higher Education School.


The exhibition, initially scheduled to be part of the annual The Summer Show of Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, following the Covid-19 emergency, was postponed to autumn 2020 together with the other two scheduled appointments: POSTcard, an exhibition created by the students of ICON Course for contemporary image curators of the Higher Education School, to discover the works from the collections managed by FMAV (at MATA from 21 November 2020 to 10 January 2021), and Broken Secrets, a virtual exhibition curated by Javiera Luisina Cádiz Bedini in the scope of PARALLEL - European Photo Based Platform (on the site).


MOTEL is also available in the form of a magazine, conceived and created by students as part of an educational path on the editorial product led by the teacher and graphic designer Emmanuele Coltellacci, which will be distributed free of charge at the exhibition and in Modenese newsstands.

Also on display is the Mid-term section featuring the first year students of the Master on the contemporary image of the FMAV Higher Education School: Veronica Alessi (1991, Lucca), Federica Bassi (1993, Udine), Roberta Gennaro (1988, Palermo), Greta Grasso (1995, Genoa), Elisa Moro (1994, Palmanova - UD), Paolo Munari Mandelli (1983, Bologna), Alessio Pecorari (1992, Modena), Fabrizio Previti (1996, Messina), Fiorenza Triassi (1995, Naples) and Beatrice Zerbato (1994, Verona).



The Higher Education School of the Modena Visual Arts Foundation is considered a point of reference in the Italian and European cultural scene with a specialization in the artistic and curatorial field. Dedicated to photography and contemporary images, it offers various paths from the two-year Master's for young artists to the annual course for ICON curators up to in-depth workshops on video-photographic techniques and experiments and the Elements evening courses. It is a creative factory where you can work in contact with artists, professionals and curators from all over the world, questioning traditional genres and exploring new territories. Internationally recognized, the Higher Education Master on Contemporary Image and the ICON Curators Course, have started collaborations with institutions, universities and academies in Europe and around the world.


The Higher Education School and the FMAV Exhibition Production Center together create a virtuous circuit, within which the training and educational proposals are intertwined with the contents of the exhibitions, thus becoming an integral part of the exhibition itineraries and collateral events. The artists called to exhibit, great protagonists of Italian and international art, are in turn involved in the activities designed for students and the general public, as teachers or visiting professors, with the main objective of developing together a research in the field of visual arts.

Works on display

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Via della Manifattura dei Tabacchi, 83
41121 Modena


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