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FMAV Fondazione Modena Arti Visive presents two important exhibitions in the spaces of Palazzo Santa Margherita and the Museo della Figurina which tell the story and the path of the Mécaniques Discursives project.

It starts on 23 March 2023 from 6 to 8 pm with Mécaniques Discursives. Don't follow the guides! , curated by Francesca Fontana, which presents a selection of works born from the collaboration between the French-Swiss videographer Yannick Jacquet (1980) and the Belgian engraver Fred Penelle (1976 - 2020) created starting from 2011 for different exhibition venues throughout the world and part of the artistic project “ Mécaniques Discursives ”. The poetics of the duo connects two distant eras, that of Gutenberg and that of Big Data, starting from the ancient engraving techniques and extrapolating them from their traditional context through projections on the walls, recycled objects, mosaics of drawings and three-dimensional installations. The result is a surprising universe characterized by imaginative iconography and temporal collisions, a narrative labyrinth in which there is only one rule: " Don't follow the guide".

“The research carried out by Penelle originates from existing, familiar and evocative images that the artist has reinterpreted, reworked and enriched with details to finally arrive at completely new forms of which he has become the author, giving rise to a world teeming with hybrid creatures, mutant beings, bizarre objects and mythological species that bring to mind the fantastic visions of Bosch. And as in the paintings of the Flemish" explains the curator Francesca Fontana , "each element seems to take on a particular meaning, different and deeper than what it represents, which can be interpreted in a completely personal way.

This symbolic imagery comes to life through the intervention of Jacquet: through the codes of contemporary graphic design and data design, the artist operates a process of decontextualization by combining, through a sort of surrealist automatism, elements belonging to different fields that come alive and they chase along the walls in a series of chain reactions.”

The project ideally continues from 19 May from 6 to 8 pm at the Museo della Figurina, with an exhibition by Yannick Jacquet alone in continuity with the research begun with Penelle entitled Finger plays: from shadow theater to social networks.


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