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Curated by: Francesca Fontana e Enrico Valbonesi

The show

Modena Visual Arts Foundation is pleased to present the Anime Manga exhibition. Stories of maghette, footballers and robots, which opens on Friday 24 April at 6 pm at Palazzo Santa Margherita.

The exhibition, curated by Francesca Fontana and Enrico Valbonesi, is made from the materials preserved in the Museo della Figurina Collection, donated in 1992 by Giuseppe Panini to the Municipality of Modena and today managed by the Modena Visual Arts Foundation.

As the title indicates, the exhibition focuses on the link between manga and anime, highlighting how in most cases Japanese cartoons are derived from editorial products, although there are examples of the reverse path, for which famous anime have inspired the creation of manga counterparts.

The exhibition path illustrates the birth and the typical ways of spreading these forms of entertainment, teaches how to decode their peculiar language and graphic signs, explains the main genres into which manga are divided, from those for children - the so-called kodomo - to sports-themed spokons, passing through the cartoons of the World Masterpiece Theater taken from Western literary works.


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Corso Canalgrande, 103
41121 Modena


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