Archaeological Area And Antiquarium Of Minturnae

The Archaeological District of Minturnae is a Roman archaeological site on the southern coast of Lazio that contains the remains of the ancient port city of Minturnae. In the archaeological area you can admire: the Roman Theater, built around the first century AD, divided into three characteristic sectors (scaena, orchestra, cavea), which welcomed over 4000 spectators; an original stretch of the Via Appia (Decumanus Maximus), built in blocks of basaltic lava; the remains of the Republican Forum (2nd century BC), the Capitolium (dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva), the Imperial Forum, the Macellum (market), the Tabernae, and the thermal complex (2nd century AD). Near the district, the modern Appia route intersects with the numerous and imposing arches of the Roman Aqueduct, once about 11 kilometers long, and it is also possible to admire the "Hanging Bridge" over the Garigliano, with iron chain draws, the first made in Italy with this technique.

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Via Punta Fiume
04028 Minturno


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