The show

The Luciana Matalon Foundation is pleased to present the International Photography Exhibition SUBLIMATION, an exceptional event that will gather more than a hundred works of art by some of the most appreciated and awarded photographers of the moment. A heterogeneous series of photographs will intentionally "crowd" some areas of the Foundation; a bizarre combination of images in which we can recognize our thoughts, our desires, our fears. Following the common thread of the exhibition, one can recognize various meanings and decode the "conographies".
The goal is to discover - first with the eyes and then with the soul - all the thoughts and feelings that were previously hidden from the eyes of the visitor, who becomes an active participant in this process of sublimation.


Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, Marina Kazakova, Kiki Xue, Guoman Liao, Reka Nyari, Laura Makabresku, Olivier Robert, Elena Vizerskaya, Gritt Sanders, Elena Ivskaya Boutet, Ozlem Erdogan, Carolina Dutruel, Theodore Kefalopoulos, Frank Bayh and Steff Rosenberger-Ochs, Ilona D. Veresk, John Kosmopoulos, Elena Bovo, Oksana Prikhodko, Ewa Cwikla, Paulien Huizinga, An La, Nora Bast, Daniel Munteanu, Nico Socha, Luciano Corti, Massimiliano Balo, Roy Lemme, Katherine Young, Maryna Khomenko, Isabella Quaranta, Jack Savage, Jeaneen Lund, Sophie Trunova, Olga Shpak, Alexandru Crisan, Yves Noir, Sherry Akramy, Olga Merrill, Philip McKay, Louis Fourth, Klas Falk, Rohan Reilly, Rolf Hillert, Uwe Langmann, Peter F Wingerter, Christophe Audebert, Suzan Armagan, Alex Schoenberg, Michele Maglio, Efi Gousi, Michelle de Rose, Rodica Tanase, Anna Alexis Michel, Mihai Florea, Artiom Kireev, Anja Diabaté, Achim Korherr, Marta Blue, Katya Knyazeva, Daniel Serva


Timetable and tickets


Foro Buonaparte, 67
20121 Milano


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