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From leaves, over hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have learned to extract medicines, nourishment, pigment, wraps, and writing and reading media. Specialists have revealed that thanks to them, custodians of the chlorophyll treasure, we can breathe on this planet. They are a laboratory of light and of inexhaustible, salvific transformation. They absorb carbon dioxide and they give us back oxygen. But despite all this, leaves are overlooked, we don't really notice them. They are indistinctly green, then indistinctly yellow in autumn. With grace and great strength they know how to leave. Without getting a thank you they take flight, falling to earth silentlly. Annalisa Di Meo, on the other hand, noticed them. This artist-architect works with leaves, running the risk of appealing to neo-Liberty decorativism. For Di Meo it was enough to look and to feel, to feel a kind of obsession.

She looks at detail that is generally unseen and neglected.. Each work is a small fragrant discovery of essence, soul and structure. Watercolored and photographed, or taken from the meadows and wrapped in a second nature - a sheet of paper - the leaves of Di Meo reveal a filigree presence. Embroidered and evoked with arabesques of white string, her leaves display an act of care for what remains. Her leaves witness the disappearance of matter due to wear, drying, rotting, and decrepitude. A very thin skeleton of veins and capillaries, friable and risky fragments of membrane and petiole, is left for our contemplation. And one wonders, realizing what remains, if it is really appropriate to talk about fragility.

Annalisa Di Meo (born in Brescia in 1977) began her artistic training at the Liceo Artistico “M. Olivieri ”in Sarezzo (BS), where she graduated in 1995 with high marks. Subsequently she enrolled at the Politecnico di Milano where she graduated in Architecture in 2003; during her university studies she also obtained a degree in Advertising Graphics. Her research is characterized as an investigation into the potential of matter. Through assiduous experimentation into formal and chromatic balancing acts, in which forms of nature are recovered in a metaphorical key, the poetry inherent in the simple and ordinary is made manifest. Since 2006 she has participated in exhibitions and competitions in Italy and abroad.

VERNISSAGE Thursday 19th May h. 17 – 20

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Via Benedetto Marcello, 46
20124 Milano


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