Brera Academy

Brera Academy

The Brera Academy in Milan is an ancient university known all over the world. In addition to being an important study center and habitat for those who want to do their work in art, the Brera Academy boasts a rich heritage consisting of: photo library, the historical archive and the historical library.

It was founded in 1776 by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, in the climate of the Enlightenment which saw in the intertwining of sciences, letters and arts the foundation of humanistic culture in modernity.

Since its origins, the Brera Academy has distinguished itself for a unique concept that takes shape in the Palazzo di Brera in Milan, where the Academy coexists with the Gymnasium, the Palatine Schools for legal and philosophical sciences, the Astronomical Observatory, the Physics and Chemistry Laboratories, the Botanical Garden, the Teresian Library, the Academy of Sciences and later the Paintings Gallery, the nucleus of the current Pinacoteca.

The Historical Heritage is accessible only by appointment for researchers, scholars and students.


Historical collections of Brera

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Via Brera, 28
20121 Milan


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